Overview of ASEAN-CBR

Established in 2018 by a group of eminent academicians and development practitioners, the Centre has an ambitious plan to undertake multidisciplinary research, consultancy, training, extension activities and serve as a think tank for others. As a multidisciplinary Centre for advanced research and training, it has aspired to produce research that is theoretically sound, methodologically rigorous, and relevant for policy formulation.


To become a vibrant, leading and professional Centre for research, consultancy and training in the ASEAN region.


To accelerate the pace of research on issues of socio-economic importance and enhance capacity building for the wider benefit of the society.

To undertake research on socio-economic issues in general and the ASEAN region in particular;

To provide professional assistance in carrying out research activities to the departments and agencies of the governments of various countries;

To collaborate with Higher Educational Institutions/ Universities, other academic institutions and organizations for promotion of research and higher learning;

To provide advisory and consultancy services to the international bodies, governments, institutions, organizations, business, trade and industry;

To actively engage in dissemination of knowledge through cooperation with other institutions in the ASEAN region.

To provide client-based trainings as well as trainings to youth, women and needy people in establishment and management of business units;

To conduct seminars, workshops, conference, symposium on various socio-economic issues confronted by the ASEAN region;

To publish books, journals, conference/ seminar proceedings, research materials, etc.

Conducting research studies on several socio-economic issues;

Providing professional assistance to the departments and agencies of the governments in carrying out research activities;

Providing consultancy to public bodies, institutions and organizations in formulation of developmental plans and policies;

Assisting business, trade and industry in conducting market research, formulating business plans and strategy;

Organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums, etc.;

Conducting client-based trainings and trainings for general public on the establishment and management of business enterprises;

Publishing books, journals, research materials, training handbooks, conference proceedings and other important materials.

The researchers of ASEAN Centre for Business Development and Research (ASEAN – CBR) in their individual capacities as well as in collaboration with other institutions had carried out several studies and consultancies on various themes of regional and national importance in the area of socio-economic development. Several of these studies were sponsored by various international bodies as well as national government and developmental organizations such as International Labour Organization (ILO); Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MoLVT), Royal Government of Cambodia; CARE International, Cambodia; Khmer Youth Association (KYA), Cambodia, etc.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) & Informal Sector

Agricultural and Rural Development

Labour Studies including Child Labour

Livelihoods and Development

Social Infrastructure

Natural Resource Management

Population, Public Health, Education, Basic Amenities and Human Development

Poverty, Vulnerability and Social Security

Urbanisation and rural-urban migration

Evaluation of Developmental Projects and Programs

Macroeconomic Reforms and the Local Economy

Sectoral Development Analysis (Agriculture, Industry and Service)

Social Exclusion and Gender Studies

Disaster Management

Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation


Honorary Executive Director

Honorary Director (Research & Publications)

Honorary Director ( Operations)

Supporting Staffs
Supporting Staffs